The 2024 Bouncing Bits Comedy Grant

What is the Bouncing Bits Comedy Grant?

Comedy is a notoriously difficult career to break into, and many comedians struggle to make ends meet. A grant can provide financial assistance to help cover expenses such as travel, housing, and even health insurance. The grant is open to comedians, writers, actors, and artists of any level. To be considered for the Bouncing Bits Comedy Grant applicants must provide a link to their work, a short history of their career, and why they feel they should receive the grant. Funds for the grant come from application fees and donations by those who love to laugh and wish to see the artform grow. Applicants are reviewed anonymously by volunteers in the industry such as club owners, agents, world touring comedians, and more.

Current 2024 Comedy Grant Value


Why is there an application fee?

The application fee goes directly toward funding the Comedy Grant. This allows us to secure funding for the following years, and helps to block out spam. Bouncing Bits is a nonprofit organization and this fee will never go to the pockets of our directors. Please see our FAQ page for additional benefits of applying for the Bouncing Bits Comedy Grant. 

Join the team

If you are looking to be a Comedian Mentor or to help judge submissions  please contact